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Joan explains her coaching philosophy with the acronym P.I.E.S. P is for her tag line: “Permission to be great is granted.” Sometimes we just need someone else to write us a permission slip to be who we want to be I is for “Imperfection is encouraged.” Get some bandaids. Life is full of skinned knees and bruised egos. Creativity and spontaneity live in the moments of imperfection. Shoot for excellence, not perfection. E is for “Eyes on Self.” My concern is YOU. I will be your cheerleader and will keep you focused on your journey, not someone else’s. The moment we start to compare ourselves with others, we are either above or below them. I will help you be humbly confident. S is for “Support System creation.” Humans are social creatures. I will help you form a small group of people where you can be your true authentic self and where those few people have the permission to call you out when they see you going astray.

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