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About the Hosts

Ronald Johnson

My first story was when I was very young. At five I was molested. I didn’t even know what that word meant at that time. All I knew was that an older boy did something to me a few times and I told my cousin nonchalantly in one of our conversations. I remembered she immediately told my sister. My sister started crying and she told my dad.  My dad asked me who hurt me? Terrified, I answered “Bryan.” Bryan was my next-door neighbor. Instantly I became overwhelmed with many emotions. I was confused about why my dad was yelling at Bryan’s dad and why his dad was angry. I was even more confused when the cops came to my house.  I remember feeling guilt that someone was going to get in trouble. I felt all the cussing and fighting around me were because of me. Going through counseling was extremely awkward. I remembered demonstrating what Bryan did to me by using two Raggedy Ann dolls.  However, despite the awkwardness and embarrassment, I wasn’t prepared to face the torment from his younger sisters at school. I felt scared, ashamed, and completely isolated. No one was talking to me. No one helped me understand what was going on.

Yes, my childhood was rough, yes I was overwhelmed with the lack of attention. But I turned it around.  I learned- When you break down, you breakthrough. Or, as the great Japanese proverb says: “Fall down Seven times, Get up Eight! All my struggles lead to my life’s work, as a trainer and coach. My passion is to infuse people with confidence. I do this by always listening to my clients’ needs and fears. I learned the hard way that everyone needs support and encouragement. For everyone, there is help out there, you just have to take that first step to find it.

Gloria Nayal

Growing up I struggled extensively with the absence of my estranged father. I felt unaccepted as a daughter and began to deal with thoughts of not being enough. I longed for a father-daughter relationship and wondered why he didn’t fight to connect with me. I felt a continual sense of rejection.

These thoughts of inadequacy persisted for years and years. I struggled immensely with self-doubt throughout my childhood and didn’t have any confidence in myself. I felt unwanted, largely to do with my father and what I believed our estrangement said about me.

The limiting belief of “not being enough” followed me throughout my life. I pushed myself to prove myself, subconsciously believing that I wasn’t good enough, that people were judging me and I doubted my capabilities.

I realized that in order to feel “good enough,” I had to stand strong and find the truth of my enoughness within myself, rather than using all of my energy to prove my worth to others.

My passion is to help others to take steps forward on their unique paths with confidence.

I find myself feeling energized as I help those facing personal battles to move forward because I have been through it too.

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