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Life’s A Shuffle podcast is here to connect like minded individuals.

Life’s A Shuffle podcast was created to create a safe environment where we share our personal overcoming stories as well as our guests who share their personal journey in overcoming personal struggles. Everyone has a story and we love to share them. We believe in creating a change and bringing people together through their stories.

Sharing your experiences with others is not only empowering, it can help to light the way for those who are walking a similar path.

By sharing stories, we can find solace in the fact that we are not alone.


Our journey in life is as unique as a thumb print. By telling our empowering stories, it can light the way for those who are walking a similar path.

About the Hosts

Ronald Johnson

I am an Experienced Mindfulness Coach. My purpose is to bring self-awareness one thought at a time. In order to live a better life, the change must come within you. YOU hold the key to solving your problems and achieving a meaningful life.

Gloria Nayal

I am a mindfulness coach who is passionate about helping others who are facing challenges and obstacles in life to find a way forward. Through my experience in overcoming my struggles, I believe that it is possible to experience a shift towards a more freeing perspective, so you can begin living your life and not just surviving it.



It's informative and I enjoy hearing your stories. Thank you for sharing and keep it up!


Love listening to people story we’re all connected.


Good job!


It was great listening to this podcast and hearing about the struggle as well as the successes.


Ron and Gloria, please continue with these podcast, Im finding them very informative and though provoking.


Life's A Shuffle is a refreshing podcast that anyone can enjoy and learn something from. Ron and Gloria are phenomenal hosts and coaches that bring themselves and their guests out through real and authentic conversations with real everyday people. Every podcast I listen to brings me something of value or validates something I went through, it provides hope and positivity that is most needed in these challenging times. If you're feeling discouraged, tired or hopeless check out this podcast you will leave with a renewed spirit and outlook on life!

Amy Morikami

Great podcast! The episodes are valuable and relatable. I'm able to relate my own life experiences to their stories. Listening to Ron and Gloria's podcast and their soothing voices feels like a meditation to me. Great job and keep it up. You both are making a difference. Looking forward to hearing more great stories.


I love Ron and Gloria's podcast! They are the most genuine, caring and authentic people I've seen online and on the podcast. I believe in what they say because it's easy to see that they are walking the walk and they have been through what other people have been through. Ron and Gloria care about helping others. They are reaching out not lecturing.

Denise Lewis

I had the honor of being a part of this amazingly fun and compassionate podcast series with Ron and Gloria. Compassionate because they offer a safe place to share your most vulnerable and challenging stories and fun because they like to have a bit of fun as well and aren't afraid to be transparent! I had a great time talking with them and enjoying each other's insights and experiences around Life’s a Shuffle. If you haven't listened to our discussion yet, grab a drink and tune in!

Angelic Ingram

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